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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Shankarpali : Special Diwali Sweet Recipe!

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Shankarpali is a traditional Diwali recipe handed down generations of grandmothers. Diwali is a time of celebrations when families meet and there is lots laughter and chatter. To accompany those happy moments you have this Indian dessert. Shankarpali is that perfect 'something sweet' to munch on when you are just chatting or having fun. It is in a way the perfect festival food; something you can eat in a hurry and still enjoy. Even if you are short of time this Diwali recipe will not be a problem for you to manage on Diwali 2011.

This Diwali sweet recipe is made out of lots of flour and ghee and involves deep frying. So this dessert like others is soaked in calories; definitely not for fussy calorie counting eaters. Try this Diwali recipe only if you are willing to give your taste buds precedence over your health consciousness.

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