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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Army to test re-structuring plan in war game

A Grand Strike Corps exercise that will take place in Rajasthan next month will be the test bed for a new doctrine of “theaterisation” that is likely to transform the structure and deployment tactics of the Indian Army.

The “Sudarshan Shakti” exercise, which is being led by 21 Corps but will include elements of the Air Force and Navy, will be the test bed for the new doctrine that was drawn up as part of the Army’s “Transformational Study” led by a group of top Generals and the concept will be implemented on the basis of the results.

The Armed Forces have for long talked about moving from a threat specific approach to a capability based approach, but this is the first time the concept is being tested in a full scale war game involving thousands of troops and all three armed services.

Under the new concept, the entire combat resources and support elements that are engaged at war in a particular theatre or front will be utilised optimally from a command centre that will use the latest technologies to get a complete picture of the battle. The battlefront will be managed seamlessly through the command centre or centres without the administrative “borders” of various commands slowing things down.

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