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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Scent of a Man

The Art Of Smelling As Good As You Possibly Can

After a shower and a shave, the next step in grooming is making sure you smell good throughout your day. The right scent in the right amount can make a big difference in how you are perceived in the business and social world. Over do it and you can send executives sneezing down the hall!

How to wear fragrance:
Your nose is still asleep when you wake up in the morning. It also becomes oblivious to a smell quickly; so resist the urge to overdo it.
Scent rises, so apply cologne to pulse points on your lower body like your chest or lower.
Heat releases the scent. Pulse points are the where the blood comes closest to the skin and warms the area, such as your wrists, neck, base of the throat and behind the ears. The heat generated by your blood flow at these points will intensify the fragrance.
Don’t mix fragrances. Try to use the same brand and fragrance for deodorant, cologne, etc or stick to odor free hair and deodorant products.
Layering different products of the same fragrance — like body wash, aftershave and cologne, will give you better results that last longer.
Don’t overwhelm your coworkers. It may be best not to wear fragrance (except deodorant) to work.  You can avoid cologne during the daytime.  Saving it just for evenings also saves money.
Spray — you’ll use less and control the application better. A spray is easier to use; it doesn’t drip down your arm and onto your clothes. With the splash-on, you have to open the cap. Over time this lets the alcohol evaporate, which lowers the shelf life.
With the splash type bottle there is a tendency to touch the open bottle to your skin. The skin has natural bacteria which backwashes into the bottle and contaminates your cologne. So a spray will last longer.
An effective method of application is to spray the scent into the air and walk into it!
If you apply fragrance by hand, try to keep your right hand (the one you shake hands with) fragrance free.
You might want to vary fragrances between seasons. Wear a different scent in the winter than you did in the summer; or use a different aroma for daytime than the night.
Tips For Caring And Storage:
Most fragrances won’t keep after six months to one year from the date of production, not when you buy it! So make sure it’s “fresh” at the store. Clearance centers may be less expensive but they may be selling 2 or 3 year old fragrances, so it’s wise to purchase yours from reputable department and drug stores. Even then, look for boxes in plastic wrap. If they aren’t packaged in shrink-wrap, make sure the box looks new and not faded.
Fragrance is a mixture of oils and alcohol. Heat releases the scent, which is why the best places to apply are where the skin is warmest. This is also why heat and light can deteriorate your fragrance and make the oils rancid. Don’t keep those showy bottles out on your bathroom counter in direct sunlight. Keep them in the cabinet where it’s dark, cool and dry. It’s also wise, to buy the smallest bottle you can. I know you got a deal, but will you really use 64 ounces in one year?

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