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Monday, 4 July 2011

PIX: Will Toyota Etios Liva give Swift a run for its money?

Shrawan Raja, Indianautosblog.com

The Toyota Etios Liva follows the Japanese company's philosophy: A Toyota for everyone.

The Liva is the cheaper Etios designed to take down the Maruti Swift with its XL cabin, A-Class fuel economy and mass-market price. Toyota launched the sedan model last year and they had to delay the Liva's introduction from April to June because the production line was not able to keep up with the demand.

So will the hatch generate such a phenomenal response? Let's find out:

The Toyota Liva, in essence, is an Etios without a boot and that's about it! No really, that is all there is to say about this hatchback.

Whereas the Etios sedan has a length of 4265mm, the Liva gets a length of 3775 mm with a 9cm reduction in wheelbase (roughly the passenger cell's length).

If you leave dimensions and engine specs aside, the Liva's spec sheet and Etios's spec sheet look like photocopies.

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