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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Live: India, in real time

India is a country on the go; at any given moment in time, there is much happening in the fields of politics and governance, of finance, of development; there is constant churning in society, considerable activity in sports and in the arts... It's almost too much to keep track of. And hence, this effort: a real-time, constantly updated look at the events that matter. Refresh this page for real-time updates.

Students at Osmania University protest during a two-day strike demanding the creation of Telangana.

CALLING READERS: On this live blog, we curate in real time the goings on in the world around us. Come be a part of the project: If you see an interesting story, send us the link to indiaeditors@yahoo.in and we'll publish it in this space. Got an interesting photo to share? Same email link applies. Got suggestions on how we can improve this further? Ditto.

9:00 am: Roti, charpai, padyatra: Rahul fights Maya

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi would leave for Tappal in west Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday morning as he takes on UP Chief Minister Mayawati on her home turf. Rahul Gandhi started the padyatra on Tuesday from Bhatta-Parsaul village.

With this padyatra, the Congress has kicked off its campaign for 2012 UP polls.

The Congress General Secretary made impromptu stops on Tuesday, interacting with villagers. The padyatra will culminate at the Congress' Kisan Mahapanchayat at Aligarh on Saturday.

On his first night on the padyatra, Rahul Gandhi had a simple meal of four rotis and slept on a charpai at a farmer's house in Rampur. IBN has the story 

8:45 am: Dharavi in Mumbai is no longer Asia's largest slum

Dharavi, spread over 557 acres and housing nearly three lakh people, is no longer Asia's largest slum. Mumbai has at least four larger contenders for the dubious distinction, some of them three times the size of Dharavi. Though, the island city is now largely free of slums.

The erstwhile smaller slums in the suburbs have metamorphosed into contiguous, larger slums. The Kurla-Ghatkopar belt, the Mankhurd-Govandi belt, the Yogi and Yeoor hill slopes stretching from Bhandup to Mulund flanking the Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) on the east and Dindoshi on the western flank of the National Park have all eclipsed Dharavi.

While the profile of the suburban slum sprawls is still to be established, the Mankhurd-Govandi slums that have sprung up at the base of the Deonar dumping ground are known as a "dumping ground" for the city's poor. It has the lowest human development index in the city and is constantly in the news for malnutrition deaths. Moreover, following earlier trends, the slums have come up on hill slopes and mud flats. Full story on ToI 

8:30 am: Chennai teen shooting case: Cops get crucial leads

A Lieutenant Colonel is among three army men being questioned, according to police sources, in connection with the shooting of 13-year-old Dilshan in Chennai on Sunday. The teenager had entered the grounds of an Army residential complex to collect almonds.

Police sources have told NDTV that the cell phone tower locations of the suspects confirmed their presence at the scene of crime. The army has reportedly given three names to the investigators, and asked the personnel to cooperate with the probe. NDTV has the story

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